Glow in the Dark Powder

Phosphorescent pigment

PHOSPHORESCENT PIGMENTS. The classic “glow in the dark” or phosphorescent pigments consist of very fine crystals of zinc sulfide doped with copper (ZnS:Cu). The glow is due to the unique properties of crystalline zinc sulfide. Copper is added to the zinc sulfide as an activator.

( not cosmetic Grade )

Suitable for use with most clear / opaque mediums such as clear paint, epoxy resin, glass, wax, plastic. ink, glues, silicone, nail polish and screen printing ink etc

Glow in the dark powder can be charged (excited) indefinitely by most forms of natural or artificial light and last many years.

For most applications between 15-30% powder to medium will produce the best results.  

Do not grind / mill the glow powder as this will damage its crystalline structure and prevent it from working.

Always use against a white background as this will enhance and enrich the resultant glow, where as a dark background will reduce the glow and impede the powders’ effectiveness.

Glow powder does not dissolve into any medium it is simply suspended or allowed to settle as a glowing layer. 

Glow powder has a high specific gravity so it will usually settle relatively quickly unless the viscosity  / thickness of the medium is high enough to keep it suspended. 

The powder can cope with high temperatures (600 C) and so is suitable for use in glass kilns.

Glow in the Dark powders are very durable and long-lived making them suitable for use outdoors as well is indoors.