How to make Lip Stain and Cream Blush

1 TBSP Almond Oil or Grape seed Oil 

2 tsp of Beeswax 

1/2 tsp. Pink or Red Mica Powder or any other color you like


  1. You will need:

A double boiler OR a pot with 2-3 inches water and a glass bowl, 

  1. measuring cup, or container set inside
  2. A funnel to help pour hot liquid into tubes 
    Measuring cup with a pour spout
  3. Place a measuring cup in the water.
  4. Add all 3 ingredients to glass cup and melt over medium heat.
    you can use a metal bowl and small pan of water if you do not have double boiler
  5. Whisk as everything melts, be careful to not overheat and remove once the beeswax has become liquid.
  6. Once melted, turn down heat to low and stir in essential oils if you’re using them.
  7. pour the mixture into a measuring cup with a spout and with a steady hand (the liquid is still HOT!), poured it through a funnel into the tubes or container.
  8. While the container or Tube is cools, periodically stir mixture so that the mica Powder does not settle at the bottom.
  9. While mixing, you might want to add more mica if your blush does not have enough color.
  10. Once mixture is thoroughly mixed, press blush into container or tube until smooth.
  11. Fill tube or container until it is slightly overfull. As it cools, it will settle down and not be over the top.
  12. leave for at least 2 hours for it to dry