How to Mix Your Own Custom Paint

Short Video on How Simple it is to Mix your Own Custom Paint

DIY Custom Paint video

As many people have expressed a little bit of fear when it comes to dealing with powders in paint. It is truly noting to be afraid of, as every paint company out there does the same thing so that they can charge you more than double the price for custom paint! With our products, you can still use your favorite brands of paint (by buying their binder, blender, or inter-coat clear). You simply need to mix our Mica Powder, Glow in the Dark,Neon Powder or Chameleon Powder into their products.


The following YouTube video demonstrates exactly how easy mixing your own custom paint really is. Keep in mind: the ratios of powder will vary depending on which one of our products you are using, and how much you want to use. For mica and Chameleon, use 25 grams mixed quart. This is a starting ratio and can be altered to your taste.

Black base coats are easier and more forgiving to cover so may use less pigment, whereas a white or silver base may need a bit more pigment to really pop.

The video is a quick and simple way to visually see how easy it is to mix and use our products to make DIY custom paint. Determine your manufacturer’s mixing ratio. For Excel or other base clears, it is almost always 50/50 with reducer/clear. Add reducer/clear, our product, and mix to one sprayable quart.  Note: When mixing Magic Mica Powder , use only 1 teaspoon per mixed quart (a little less over black base coat).

How to Mix Custom Paint from Paint With Pearl